SCSI and RAID Devices


February 11, 2019

And are there some that get 1 for one if them with the driver making use of that. I had a problem which had similar or identical symptoms to the problems other people reported. Is there any chance of a permanent fix appearing? There’s no need to disable MSI for the whole kernel, one can fix this applying appropriate flags to a forcedeth module see comment I’ve already tried 2.

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nForce Driver

I get the temporary fix and do the following every time I log on. I’ve tried the Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon Tribe 5 live disc x86 and the netboot variant x86 too, netboot worked fine. Internationzl already tried 2. IIRC kernel updates rebuild initramfs and pick up the forcedeth options so once you have it working you never need to do anything again.

Can someone confirm or deny. I wanted to get ubuntu working and switch to it but the fact that you need to be a computer geek to use it and I’m obviously not geek enough with 10 years of programming intenational and I don’t have any more weeks of my life I’m prepared to waste on it and the fact that this bug is not considered important enough to be dealt with in an update, means it’s mcp661 to windows for me.


There’s no need to disable MSI for the whole kernel, one can fix this applying appropriate flags to a forcedeth module see comment Laszlo Almasi almalaci wrote on Yes, this is what it might look with MSI: I have a similar issue that only happens after suspend: Remember, the problem happened reliably, so there is no question that the only thing that I changed was changing my kernel to the 2.

I’m not sure how to install a new kernel on Ubuntu, so I’m afraid I cannot provide you with more information in that regard. I’ll keep you jnternational.

Thanks for your solution. I confirm this problem with Ubuntu 8.

Not as lucky as Black Silver, I still have this problem on Ubuntu 9. Tim Gardner timg-tpi wrote on The most important tenant of the SRU process is ’cause no regressions in internationzl current release’.

maverick nVidia MCP61 Lan driver problem

This network card was and still is as far as I know the standard one for mesh computers in the uk and they supply a large number of pc’s. And yes, the ‘lshw -C network’ command didn’t work because the interface is under class “bridge”, not “network”.


Reboot and prair. Please refer to bug Stefan Bader wrote on In the Gusty Tribe 5 live installer, open a terminal:. Take a look at https: Not everyone has the patience to log in and out of Windows to try out each single tip.

Setting to linux – this is a kernel problem isn’t it? Black Sliver andreas-lausch wrote on This b option is kind of inconvenient because I am not going to upgrade my workstation from Hardy to Ibex How about you chaps ship that as the default kernel parameter for that module? Running the commands given by Tom Warley in the first comment above fixes the issue.

Just a recap of my experience to help anyone who is trying to figure out whether the problem is fixed or not. Please post back the outputs of the following commands – Code:. I was having problems with large data transfers.

The time now is Instead I typed in sudo lshw and got information on all of my computer’s hardware.