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February 14, 2019

Ebay etc will have tons of these for sale for different machines so check them out. Chris December 4, I tried to heating it and it worked once. Barry April 28, It started to shutdown suddenly whenever i run some memory dependent software movie player, 3D games, multi-tabbing on Chrome. While doing this repair you may damage the motherboard and make it unrepairable.

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HP Pavilion DV9700 Motherboards

I reinstalled windows, cleared the hard drives installed the right video card drives. This is just a guess. Did a similar thing to my old hp dv What are the advantages of using these other methods?

What you do is not actually reflow, and flux is not needed actually, but you are fixing the chip itself, albeit temporarily. I updated the post and mentioned your comment about applying some liquid flux underneath the GPU chip. I put the motherboard on top of the stove for a surface to handle the heat from the gun. Can i still try reflowing the chip if ever? So far so good.

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Did it feel hot on the bottom before shutting down? Although i would suggest to everyone to try and download a repair manual from manufacturer and use your vv9700 as well and include the following at least basic tools for the job:. Every motherboard have a part number.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

I held the temperature for maybe a minute at most until the underside temperature stabilized and then I cooled it down slowly by pulling the gun away from the chip. So, can i use this method for this paviillion motherboard.

Jim Davis May 22, Sure the repair buys you some time, but advice from a tech about laptops, avoid purchasing machines with Nvidia chips in them. Omondi March 29, If you see the faint image, most likely your problem related to one of the following: Music playing to check audio and earphone plug ok.

I did experiment with Powerstrip yp was able to overclock the GPU to Mhz stable increased from the MHz default with the stock voltage and increased my Vista Performance Index score. Apply thermal paste to each side of the shim too.

hp pavilion dv graphics | NotebookReview

Richard October 18, If not successful, heat to c and try again. Eugene May 5, My client took his computer in for repair to a bunch of other shops and none of them could fix it.


I used the low setting and circled it around the chip for about 3 minutes. At other times, the Blue Screen Of Death showing the generic hardware failure code might occur.

It it likely that this method will fix it?

HP Pavilion dv display problem | PCMech Community Forum

I imagine as a precaution considering its proximity to your heat gun. I had a stack of pennies on top of the GPU. I slowly heated the chips by bringing the gun pavilpion to the chip over a minute or two making sure the heat soaked to the underside of the board. I’m going to download the manual and see what I can learn from that. The other one desktop using pacillion pentiun dual core processor with nvidia graphic. Position 1 — slow.

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