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December 7, 2018

The case stability can be classified as above average. Finger touch points rotating here are visualized by circles. What does the Lifebook T have to offer in an iPad-crazy world that expects capacitive multi-touch and supreme ease of use? Buy now at the official store www. Pressure on the display doesn’t provoke any image distortions whatever. The light sensor is supposed to adjust the display brightness according to the ambient light situation automatically. It’s not especially slim, light or elegant.

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Weight and size are very portable.

Fujitsu GB LIFEBOOK T ” Tablet PC FPCM B&H

That oversight was the reason the T couldn’t finish the memory-intensive Adobe Photoshop CS5 test. At the same time, you can have Office and Photoshop opened and smoothly switch back and forth. Capacitive multi-touch up to 4-fingers with pen input. The case is solid, easy to clean and appropriately designed for the target group, with exception of the material’s appearance. The touch features are a nice addition, and extend to novel four-finger functions.

This particular screen is both touch-sensitive and digitized, whereas convertible tablets like the Dell Duo and Lenovo St are touch only. Horizontal viewing angles are acceptable, but colors quickly invert at sharp downward vertical angles.

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. As already in HP’s lifeboook, an antenna is supposed to provide better reception. One or even several work steps can be saved in many fields and even come close to being fun. So it comes as no surprise that Fujitsu shipped the It does actually preserve a degree of viewability even in directly sunlight, and doesn’t wash out completely. An ambient light sensor on the screen bezel allows for automatic screen brightness adjustment.


Convertibles aim to fuse every advantage of a notebook with that of a pure tablet computer in order to achieve an optimum workflow according to the application field. It is higher than some competitors with a minimum of In our opinion, it reacts a bit slow and not always as required.

The Lifebook T is another convertible ultraportable laptop which shares many of the strengths and weaknesses of the T You may only await the standard notebook fare, which quickly inverts or produces color tt580 on the vertical plane. Too bad, because the pivot hinge makes a good impression otherwise. We converted MP3 songs with a Otherwise, kifebook T offers the t5580 Windows 7 inking experience users know and love.

Lifebook T has a small footprint but is relatively bulky. It doesn’t need the string.

Review Fujitsu LifeBook T Convertible – Reviews

The fact that partly lower surface temperatures can be determined under load than under low load, point toward generous reserves. It represents a good supplement to the usual inputting methods.


The alternative input methods can’t keep up with the specialists of the single guild, but complement mouse and touchpad in certain application situations well, and provide for a faster workflow. It is a great way to optimize your power use, thereby extending the life of your battery. The standard 3-cell battery snaps and then locks into place. Designers may deviate from this approach for a variety of reasons, such as offering more power than the competition regardless of the impact on battery life, but that’s an exception.

Apple Mac mini review: We are still remote from the promised 8 hour battery life by an hour, despite the above mentioned restrictions. Performance and battery life For most notebook computers, and tablets and ultralights in particular, the design goal is to find an acceptable compromise between best possible performance and acceptably long battery life.

Fujitsu Lifebook T580

This runtime even decreases to min in Window’s default energy saving setting and to min during WLAN activity and adjusted display brightness. Overall, though, the writing experience was pleasant.

We disliked the glossy display surface.