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December 7, 2018

However, all is well that ends well. I have also ordered a USB mini-B to standard B panel-mount jack; my thought is to attach the Teensy directly to the driver board where the serial port and power switch used to be with appropriate insulation , and extend the cable to the back of the tablet using the panel mount. The interface is pretty similar to teensy. When using Artrage, the pen will not draw to the canvas. Mine is still suffering with its random freezing issue. Administrator Hero Member Posts:

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Mine is still suffering with its random freezing issue. The Wacom driver seems to not like it when no more packets are coming in — it is interpreted as a “hum, no packets in the last 60 ms, it must be dead!

Powered by SMF 1. I found that it was more trouble dealing with it than soldering the power directly. June 21, They go through a serial driver chip, the MC Administrator Hero Member Posts: I will include u-d1218-r and any guidance and troubleshooting help I receive from Bernard or other folks wiser than myself!


So let’s end the stroke right now”.

Connecting to old Wacom UD serial tablet

In anyways, tell me the status of that. I will do my best to photograph the process. This is an internal DLL loading issue.

It’s finally cool enough on this hot summer’s night to fire up the soldering system. USB plug magically sticking out! The strange thing is that on the ” status” LED from the tablet everyhing is normal, only blinking green when pressed, but on my desktop on windows ive got clicks and double clicks, but it moves fine, and when i actually press it click normally.

Under direction of the Great Wizard Bernard, and his “waxbee project” I will be modifying this 12×12 board from a 12v serial version to a 5v USB interface. Everything is working fine with the original Ur Stylus, but when using the axiotron stylus, i ve got some random clicks and double clicks, drag etc.

Bernard, I saw that you’ve started work on making the button strip work on theand I would be interested in helping continue that, and port it to the too. The other tools seems to work well. Drewid Administrator Hero Member Posts: I can directly connect the internal serial signals to the Teensy 2. November 21, Not to start attaching eacom wires.


I’ve already removed the serial port, the power switch, and the MC, but still need to pull the 5v ud1218-r. It just freezes in one location drawing an ever darkening dot as if I were staying in one location. Here’s the pinout of the chip with the voltages while powered with no serial cable.

Converting Wacom UDR from Serial to USB

An “extreme” alternative solution wouldn’t even need to open the Ultrapad case: I am sure we can fix this relatively easily. August 23, I can regain control by clicking anywhere in the top row of numbered menu buttons on the UDR.

August 23, Out” whenever the problem occurs. A small flat screwdriver will be needed to turn the pot.

If anyone else wants to try this When using Artrage, the pen will kd-1218-r draw to the canvas. I’m just converting a tablet to USB, not trying to build a simtiq.